STEP 92 Preload

Fire approved in E60/A60/EI60

For use in fire protective doors grade E60/A60/EI60 Type approval certificate 0450/01

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Double electric strike for automatic door opening devices

STEP 92 Preload is a completely new type of electric strike. The electric strike has two rotatating cams adapted for a double latch lock. With a separate electric lock on each latch the opportunities are greater for doors with automatic opening devices or pull/push handles. STEP 92 Preload is fire approved in A60/E60/EI60.

Separate rotatating cams provide new functions

The upper and lower rotatating cam can be separately set to fail secure or fail safe function. STEP 92 Preload can therefore be adapted to many different door functions.

Preload technology

Both rotating cams for dobble latch locks use preload, which allows reliable opening with automatic door openers.

Article no. Description
ST925Adjustable fail secure-fail safe 24V Dc adapted for connect - modular lock cases
ST925-12Adjustable fail secure-fail safe 12V Dc adapted for connect - modular lock cases