STEP 8 - A surface mounted electric lock

STEP 8 is a surface mounted electric lock that quickly can be attached directly to the door frame. STEP's unique preload-technology combined with minimal measurements and stainless steel provides a reliable and stylish design.

STEP 8 is a perfect solution for door environments where a lock will be mounted retrospectively or where you do not want or can not install a recessed lock, for example due to space, in doors where there is asbestos or in doors of high cultural value.

The lock can be used as a replacement for magnetic locks and combined with door automatic and/or fire alarm. It can be mounted standing or lying in both single- and double doors. In fail safe function, STEP 8 is also adapted to evacuation doors with evacuation terminal or emergency release button.

STEP 8 with or without angle bracket

STEP 8 consists of two parts, a hook mounted on the door leaf and an electrical strike in a bracket mounted directly on the underside of the frame. For doors where the electric strike will be mounted where the frame is in line with the door leaf, STEP 8 is supplemented with an angle bracket.

Quick and easy assembly

An overlay mounting is very easy to install. No changes are required in the existing recess.

STEP's unique preload-technology

STEP 8 is equipped with STEP's preload-technology that allows the door to unlock, even if exposed to pressure up to 1500 N (150 kg) in fail safe function and fail secure function.

Article no. Description
ST880Fail secure function 24 V DC
ST880-12Fail secure function 12 V DC
ST881Fail safe function 24 V DC
ST881-12Fail safe function 12 V DC
ST890Fail secure function 24V DC inclusive an angle bracket
ST890-12Fail secure function 12 V DC inclusive an angle bracket
ST891Fail safe function 24 V DC inclusive an angle bracket
ST891-12Fail safe function 12 V DC inclusive an angle bracket
ST860Angle bracket only