Electric lock for overhead doors

STEP 50 is a high quality electric lock for overhead doors. It’s easy and comfortebly controlled via your access control system.

Sturdy construction

STEP 50 has been specially developed for industrial environments and stands up to rough treatment and forces over 10 000 N.
Its patented construction allows unlocking even when exposed to pressure over 5 kN.

High security

Especially developed for remote control from the control room.

STEP 50 will unlock if the operating solenoid is energized and it is designed so that the position of the door - open or closed and locked or unlocked can be easily indicated on the appropriate signal lamp.

Furthermore, the door lock can be connected to the alarm, which gives an alarm signal if the door is opened by force, for example by intruders.


Article no. Description
ST527Electric lock for up and over doors incl. 5 m cable
ST527-1Locking angle intended for doors in vertical/high-lift design
ST527-2Locking angle intended for normal/high-lift doors
ST527-3Eurocylinder incl. 2 keys
ST527-5Inset cassette intended for assembly with ST527-2
ST527-7Lock sleigh intended for a simple assembly of normal/high-lift doors
ST527-9Lock sleigh intended for a simple assembly of normal/high-lift doors for Hörmann