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STEP 92 Release

Fire approved in E/EI120

For use in fire protective doors grade E/EI120

STEP 92 Release - a double electric strike used for doors with evacuation terminal due to SS-EN 13637

For evacuation doors where door automation and fire requirements are to be combined with evacuation terminal or emergency opening button. Withstands a high load and opens despite pressure on the door of up to 150 kg.

STEP 92 Release has two rotating cams designed for lever handle latch bolts and cylinder latch bolts in a double latch lock. STEP 92 Release entails that an evacuation door with door automation and fire safety ­requirements can handle re-entry via fire alarms.

Extended Preload technology

To ensure that evacuation can always happen, STEP 92 Release is equipped with an exptended Preload technology capable of handling a load of up to 150 kg. Both the rotating cams handle Preload, which provides reliable opening even with door automation.

Used in doors where door automation is to be combined with other requirements

STEP 92 Release is in fail safe function adapted for emergency opening via evacuation terminal or emergency opening button according to EN 13637.

  • Fire alarm – Ensures that an emergency opening terminal or a fire alarm can release the lock, despite pressure against the door by crowds, seals, pressure differences or crooked doors.
  • Fire safety requirements – Fire resistance class E/EI 120. Fire resistance remains even after emergency opening or unlocking via the fire alarm.
  • Enhanced Preload technology – Handles a preload of 150 kg when unlocking.
  • Door automation – The Preload function combined with rapid unlocking means that the door opens quickly and without the risk of getting stuck.


Large selection of faceplates

STEP 92 Release shares faceplates with STEP 92 Preload. Choose between a large selection of faceplates in stainless steel.


Article no. Description
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