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STEP 120

STEP 120 – powerful performance, high operational reliability

STEP 120 is a solenoid handle lock developed for day locking. The design has been produced with STEP’s high quality requirements and material selection, ensuring powerful performance with high operational reliability. The lock has several flexible properties and can be used in door environments with both fire safety and evacuation requirements.

Sturdy construction with high flexibility

STEP 120 comes with classic bolt placement and with or without split spindle function. If you select one of the products with split function, you can allow any side of the lock to be mechanically controlled.

Evacuation and high durability are assured by sturdy attachment of the mechanically controlled side and the split spindle function being secured by stainless steel and hardened parts.

STEP 120 has several optional functions, such as door hanging, a fail secure/fail safe function as well as the choice of mechanically connected side. The lock is designed for simple installation with settings for the selectable functions easily accessible from the outside of the lock housing.

Integrated microswitches indicate closed and interlocked mode, as well as handle operation, for connection to access control systems.

Meets both evacuation and fire safety requirements

With STEP emergency exit handle and STEP 120 solenoid handle lock you can ensure the escape requirements according to SS-EN 179. The same handle can thus be used for all passage from the inside. Tested for fire resistance up to class E/EI 120.

STEP 120 will be available in 2019.

Article no. Description
ST120Solenoid handle lock, 24 V DC, classic bolt placement, split spindle function
ST120-12Solenoid handle lock, 12 V DC, classic bolt placement, split spindle function
ST122Solenoid handle lock, 24 V DC, classic bolt placement
ST122-12Solenoid handle lock, 12 V DC, classic bolt placement