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STEP 15 Secure

Fire approved in E/EI60

For use in fire protective doors grade E60/A60/EI60. Type approval certificate 0450/01

STEP 15 Secure – a heavy duty deadbolt electric strike

STEP 15 Secure withstands extreme breaking forces and is suitable for doors with high security requirements. STEP 15 Secure is fast and durable, an advantage when there are frequent entries and exits with secure locking between each entry and exit.

High security

STEP 15 Secure normally locks the door directly upon closing by the lock bolt being enclosed in a rotating cam of hardened steel. The extremely sturdy design makes the electric strike both durable and highly resistant to attempts to force the lock.

If additional attachment reinforcement is needed, special reinforcement plates are available for installation on the inside and outside of the frame. These are clamped together with threaded rods and sleeve nuts to form a strong joint.


STEP 15 Secure has a rotating cam that encloses the door lock's thrown bolt or hook bolt. For maximum security, the door lock must be equipped with a double cylinder. The door is normally opened via access control, but can also be opened with a key or thumbturn.


Article no. Description
ST664-GFail secure function left, 24 V DC
ST664-G12 Fail secure function left, 12 V DC
ST664-CFail secure function right, 24 V DC
ST664-C12Fail secure function right, 12 V DC
ST664-NFail safe function left, 24 V DC. Manages a preload of 500kg
ST664-N12 Fail safe function left, 12 V DC. Manages a preload of 500kg
ST664-JFail safe function right, 24 V DC. Manages a preload of 500kg
ST664-J12Fail safe function right, 12 V DC. Manages a preload of 500kg


STEP 15 Secure has been tested by the Swedish Theft Prevention Association (Stöldskyddsföreningen) and satisfies the requirements for Class 5 in accordiance with SS3557 (SSF protocol 301/90 dated 19/11/1990).