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Dead bolt indication and new revision of STEP 48/98 Preload

Dead bolt indication as accessory to STEP 48/98 Preload

Now it is possible to install a dead bolt indication to STEP 48/98 Preload.

This indication can be used to automatically block the door’s access control system/reader or door automation when the hook bolt/deadbolt is mechanically locked.

The access control system/reader or door automation automatically activates when the lock case is mechanically unlocked again.

Easy installation and wide range of applications

This indication is very easy to install. It is placed between the electric strike and the faceplate and can be used for:

  • Dead bolts
  • Hook bolts
  • Right and left hung doors

The dimensions are 59x35x24 mm and it can be mounted together with a flat or angled faceplate that has an upper recess and is at least 245 mm high.

Sold separately under article number ST4880.

New revision of STEP 48/98 Preload

At the beginning of April, STEP 48/98 Preload will begin to be delivered in a new revision that allows the new indication to be installed.

If you have unbroken packs of STEP 48/98 Preload, you can contact us if you want to switch them to products in the new revision.

Do you have questions or want more information? Please get in touch with us!