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Unique Preload technology increases the operational reliability

STEP electric strikes are equipped with a unique Preload techno­logy that increases the operational reliability in all types of door environments. The products in the Preload-series are, thanks to their small dimensions, high quality and the Preload technology especially ­suitable for apartment buildings.

In many apartment buildings, it is a common problem for the lock to begin jamming when the door is subjected to pressure. Oftentimes, the property manager must identify the problem and restore the door’s function. The reason for this kind of downtime may be due to many different reasons, such as:

  • The door has become a little skew
  • Pressure arises from the sealing strips
  • Snow or gravel have gathered at the threshold
  • Temperature differences on the inside and outside of the door
  • The door automatics do not sync properly with the lock


Operational reliability that works in reality

To prevent this kind of problem, all STEP electric strikes are equipped with a unique Preload technology. The patented technical solution ensures that the door can work normally, even when exposed to pressure, and regardless of what the pressure is caused by. STEP electric strikes simply withstand the stresses a door normally is subjected to.

STEP Preload – the perfect choice for apartment buildings

The Preload-series consists of six electric strikes suitable for door environments with normal safety requirements, which include, for example, most apartment buildings.

Sturdy constructions with minimal dimensions

The Preload products have a high breaking strength and have been tested to withstand a high opening frequency. The sturdy constructions have minimal measurements and a high proportion of stainless steel which gives them a high degree of corrosion protection. In combination with the Preload technology, these properties make them suitable for all types of door environments in apartment buildings, such as entrance doors, storage rooms, laundry rooms, bicycle rooms and other public areas.

  • STEP 30 Preload - With small dimensions that fit into existing recesses for simple electric strikes.
  • STEP 40 Preload - Ordinary locking for normal safety requirements.
  • STEP 90 Preload - Fire approved electric strike with minimal dimensions.
  • STEP 48 Preload - Electric strike with a fixed cut-out for mechanical deadbolt.
  • STEP 98 Preload - Fire approved electric strike with fixed cut-out for mechanical deadbolt.
  • STEP 92 Preload - Double rotating cams for doors with door automation.


STEP 60 Silent raises the intrusion security

When there is a need to raise the intrusion safety even further, for example in storages rooms or bicycle storage, STEP 60 Silent is a suitable alternative. This powerful electric strike is equipped with a barrier contact, an electrically operated anti-hammer function and withstands a higher breaking strength. This altogether provides a high level of intrusion safety. If necessary, the door environment can also be supplemented with ­a STEP break protection.

Faceplates and accessories

STEP offers a wide range of stainless steel faceplates for all types of door frames to choose from. We are constantly developing our assortment of faceplates and other accessories so that there always will be possible to find a solution for your needs.

STEP in Stockholmshem

One of our satisfied customers is Stockholmshem, Stockholm’s largest housing company. They have installed a large number of STEP electric strikes in both entrance doors and doors to common areas. In addition, they chose to install the same type of electric strikes in all the doors, which has great advantages in assembly, operation and maintenance.

We are always glad to help

We have long experience of projection in both small and large apartment buildings and with the Scandinavian market’s widest range, we have a solution that suits your needs. Please contact us for further information.