ST9015 Safety strike plate/cover box

Article number ST9015
ST9015 is a patented safety strike plate/cover box.

ST9015 is a cover box, a fully mechanical version of the electric strikes STEP 40/90 Preload. The box is a perfect alternative to recieve a mechanical function, or while waiting for an electric strike to be inserted. The cover box fits in all frame recesses that are made for STEP 40/90 Preload and can be mounted together with exactly the same faceplates.

Sturdy construction for use with motor lock

The cover box has a very strong construction and can be mounted together with a motor lock. The cover box and the FreeDrive technology in STEP motor locks ensure minimal wear and tear and enable the motor lock to handle the exposed situation even though the door may be opened thousands of times every day.

ST9015 can of course also be used together with our solenoid handle locks and mechanical lock cases.

Will be certified shortly.


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