STEP 552 – ready to be delivered

2023-05-03 News

Motor lock STEP 552 is ready to be delivered!

Our warehouse shelves are stocked and you can now place your order on STEP 552.

For door environments with high demands on safety and accessibility

With STEP 552, you have the opportunity to combine strength and intrusion security with accessibility requirements/door automation – in one single powerful motor lock!

The unique automatic latch bolt enables the motor lock to be opened with door automation. STEP 552 is therefore specially developed for door environments with the absolute toughest burglary requirements, but where you also want to ensure accessibility requirements and fire containment.

Of course, the motor lock is fire approved (E/EI120) and equipped with patented FreeDrive and STEP Preload technology.

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If you have questions or want to know more about this product, you are most welcome to contact us!

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