Several new faceplates and accessories

2019-08-19 Product news

With almost 500 different variants, StepLock has a complete range of faceplates thats suits all kinds of frames and profile systems on the market.

The assortment is under constant development so that you always can find a suitable solution. The list below shows our latest news:


For STEP 30 Preload
  • ST3543H/V    Corresponds to ST3539 but with single latch.
For STEP 40/90/48/98 Preload and STEP 90 Release
  • ST4079          Adapted for Purso LK78H.
  • ST4081H/V    Replaces ST6586. Adapted for change from lower latch bolt to upper latch bolt.
  • ST4083          Corresponds to ST4043 but with lip widt 13 mm.
  • ST4084          Adapted for SAPA 2074.
  • ST4087-23     Adapted for Jansen Janisol HI.
  • ST4093          Adapted for Schucko ADS Simply Smart 75.


For STEP 92 Preload and STEP 92 Release
  • ST9537H/V    Flat faceplate.
  • ST9593H/V    Adapted for Schucko ADS Simply Smart 75.


For STEP 60 Silent
  • ST6567          Replaces 816.
  • ST6584H/V    Replaces ST190-B/A.
  • ST6593          Adapted for Schucko ADS Simply Smart 75.
  • ST6605          Angled faceplate.
  • ST6608          Angled faceplate, corresponding to 824.
For STEP 18 Secure
  • ST1879-A/B   Adapted for Purso LK78H.


For STEP 120 solenoid lock
  • ST1087         Skrew- and contact kit.
  • ST1088-40    STEP Square spindle 8x8x40 mm.
  • ST1088-50    STEP Square spindle 8x8x50 mm.
  • ST1088-60    STEP Square spindle 8x8x60 mm.
  • ST1088-70    STEP Square spindle 8x8x70 mm.
  • ST1088-80    STEP Square spindle 8x8x80 mm.
  • ST1293         Unsymmertical forend plate.
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