Motor lock STEP 550

– a powerful and fast motor lock for door environments with high demands on safety

The technical advanced hook bolt is extremely strong, fast and withstands great stresses. The lock case is made of stainless steel and has a modern bolt placement with the hook bolt and latch bolt located in the center of the lock case.

STEP 550 is adapted for use in door environments with the absolutely toughest intrusion protection requirements. Certified in Class 5 according to SSF 3522, and in Grade 7 according to SS-EN 14846.

Manipulation protected block function

A patent-pending block function automatically block the hook bolt when locked. At the same time, an indication locates the blocks position so you can trust that it really is locked. The block function is completely protected from access and thus ensures protection from manipulation.


Control unit with many smart features

The control unit uses encrypted communication AES- 128 for locking, unlocking and status indications. It can handle up to two motor locks. These can be controlled individually or synchronized for connection to access control systems, alarms and essential function. The control unit handles re-entry and day locking.


Read more about STEP Control Unit

Learn more in our motor lock movie:

Adapted for door environments with fire requirements

STEP 550 is equipped with latch bolt and is suitable for door environments with fire requirements. CE marked according to EN 14846:2008 in fire resistance class E/EI120.


With unique FreeDrive® technology

The FreeDrive® technology disengages the motor in both locked and unlocked positions, allowing the lock to be independently used electrically and mechanically.

Outstanding use in emergency situations

STEP Exit emergency device

STEP 550 in combination with STEP Exit emergency devices gives you the opportunity to create a safer evacuation route with unmatched user-friendliness because the pressure is used in exactly the same way as in a normal passage.

FreeDrive® technology gives the products unmatched longevity

STEP 550 is equipped with FreeDrive®. The unique technology disengages the engine and gearbox, which means that they are never affected when the evacuation device handle is used. This eliminates the wear of the engine and gearbox completely – even though the handle may be used thousands of times every day.


Security: Grade 7 SS-EN 14846. + Klass 5 SSF-3522.
Fire approved: E/EI120
Certified according to: EN 179:2008
Factory tested: 1 700 000 cycles
Functional description
  • The hook bolt locks/unlocks electrically via opening signal from access control system, code lock, push button or similar.
  • The hook bolt lock/unlocks mechanically via cylinder follower.
  • The latch bolt retracts mechanically via the lever handle follower with lever handle, from the interior and exterior side.
  • The latch bolt is reversible to fit both right and left hung doors.
Product characteristics
  • Unlocks in less than 0.1 second.
  • Modern bolt placement.
  • 5600 kg breaking strength.
  • The control unit handles day locking.
  • Durable material choises with lock case in stainless steel.
  • FreeDrive® technology.
  • Manipulation-protected barrier technology.
  • Back set 50 mm.
  • Encrypted communication AES-128.
  • Power consumption: 32 mA at rest, max 255 mA for about 20 ms.
  • Guarantees opening even if the door is subjected to pressure of up to 5 kg.
  • Connection to the motor lock is via RS-485.
  • Prepared for OSDP.
  • Evacuation and re-entry are ensured together with STEP Exit emergency exit devices adapted for motor locks. Certified according to SS-EN 179:2008.
  • The control unit can handle temperatures from -5 to +70 degrees.
  • The lock can withstand temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees.
Article number E-nr Description
ST550 5867800 STEP 550 Motor lock. Incl. ST550, connection cable with adapter ST0917, drill protection ST1199, skrew and magnet set ST1192.
ST550 LB 5867802 STEP 550 Motor lock set with Motor lock and control unit. Incl. ST550, STEP Control unit ST500C, connection cable with adapter ST0917, drill protection ST1199, skrew and magnet set ST1192.
ST550 KPL 5867801 STEP 550 complete set. Incl. ST550, STEP Control unit ST500C, STEP Lead cover ST1283, 10 m connection cable ST0916, mechanical strike plate ST9009-15, connection cable with adapter ST0917, drill protection ST1199, skrew and magnet set ST1192.
Power consumption STEP 550
  • Voltage: 10-30 V AC / DC.
  • Power consumption at rest: 70,8 mA at 24 V DC.

For dimensioning of the power supply, see details in the installation manual.

Dimensional drawing STEP 550


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