Solenoid handle lock STEP 132

– adapted for doors with door automation

A unique automatic latch bolt gives STEP 132 a double function. It enables the lock to be opened electrically with the door handle or electrically for use of door automation.
Moreover, this solenoid handle lock is equipped with our patented Preload technology, which allows the door to unlock even if subjected to pressures of up to 60 kg.

Thanks to these properties, STEP 132 is an obvious choice for door environments with door automation, fire and evacuation requirements, where you simultaneously want to ensure high reliability.

Unique automatic latch bolt that increases accessibility

STEP 132 has the same fine features and technical characteristics as STEP 112. The main difference between the two solenoid handle locks is that STEP 132 has an automatic latch bolt that can fold when the door is electrically opened. STEP 132 is therefore adapted for door environments where you want increased accessibility.

STEP 130 Eltryckeslås stående DirectDrive

Automatic latch bolt with double function

The automatic latch bolt gives the solenoid handle lock a double function.

  • When the door is opened with the door handle, STEP 132 works just like a normal solenoid handle lock with a classic latch bolt.
  • When the door is opened electrically, the automatic latch bolt can be fold and thus enables opening with door automation. Immediately after the door is opened, the automatic latch bolt extends out and anchors itself in its position, functioning again as a classic latch bolt.
Fire containment and high wear resistance

Since the automatic latch bolt looks like a classic latch bolt, it distributes the wear resistance over its entire surface. It also ensures that fire containment is maintained, even if there is a gap between the bolt and the striking plate. This, in combination with STEPS Preload technology, allows STEP 132 to withstand high pressure and ensures a high reliability.

Without split spindle function

STEP 132 has not a split spindle function, which means that the lock is electrically controlled from both sides.

DirectDrive® provides a responsive feel with direct maneuvering

The patented DirectDrive® function provides a direct maneuvering and a very responsive feeling when the door’s handle is used. The concept gives a completely new dimension to how a solenoid handle lock can be experienced.

Modern bolt placement

STEP 132 has a modern bolt placement, where the automatic latch bolt is placed in the center of the lock case. Perfect for all types of new construction and for new projects.

For door environments with fire requirements

Certified in fire resistance class E/EI 120 accordning to EN 14846: 2008.

Built-in re-entry function

STEP 132 has a built-in re-entry function. It gives you the possibility of re-enter in the event of a triggered fire alarm and/or after mechanical exit, when using the emergency exit device installed on the cylinder rower position.

The re-entry function can be reset by, resetting signal or by resetting the fire alarm system.

Multiple optional features

The automatic latch bolt is always delivered in fail secure function to ensure fire resistance. For the lever handle soleniod, you can choose whether it should be in fail secure or fail safe function. You can adapt the lock to fit a right- or left-hung door and choose re-entry function. The lock is designed for simple installation, where the adjustment of these selectable functions is easily accessible from the outside of the lock housing.

The lock´s integrated micro-switches indicate closed and interlocked mode, handle lock and cylinder operation, for readout in the access control system.

Multi voltage 12 – 24 V DC.


Inbyggd återinrymningsfunktion

STEP 132 har en inbyggd återinrymningsfunktion. Det ger dig möjlighet till återinrymning vid utlöst brandlarm och/eller efter mekanisk utpassering vid användandet av STEP Exit nödutrymningsbehör som installerats på cylinderroddarposition.

Återinrymningsfunktionen återställs genom återställningssignal eller återställt brandlarm.

Många väl genomtänkta funktioner

Automatikkolven är i rättvänd funktion för att säkerställa brandtillhållning. För tryckesfunktionen kan du däremot välja om låset ska vara i rättvänd eller omvänd funktion. Låset kan anpassas för en höger- eller vänsterhängd dörr. Låset är utvecklat för en enkel drift­sättning där inställningen av de valbara funktionerna sker lättåtkomligt och smidigt från låshusets utsida.

Låsets inbyggda mikrobrytare indikerar stängt- och förreglat läge samt tryckes- och cylindermanövrering, för avläsning i passersystemet.

Multispänning 12 – 24 V DC.


KPL is a complete set that includes STEP 132 solenoid handle lock, a lead cover and a 10 m connection cable.

STEP lead cover is made of stainless steel and fits both wooden, steel and aluminum doors. The spring has a wide inner diameter of 10.8 mm, which facilitates the passage of the cable.
The connection cable is 10 m long and has 14 conductors.


KPL är ett komplett set som innehåller STEP 132 eltryckeslås, en karmöverföring och 10 m anslutningskabel.

STEP karmöverföring är tillverkad i rostfritt stål och passar både trä-, stål- och aluminiumdörrar. Fjädern har en bred innerdiameter på 10,8 mm som underlättar genomföringen av kabeln.

Anslutningskabeln är 10 m lång och har 14 ledare.


Fire approved: E/EI120
Functional description
  • The automatic latch bolt locks/unlocks electrically via an open signal from the access control system, code lock, push button or similar.
  • The automatic latch bolt is retracted mechanically via the cylinder follower with key from the exterior or key/thumb turn from the interior side.
  • The automatic latch bolt is always delivered in fail secure function to ensure fire resistance.
  • The lever handle solenoid is reversible in fail secure/fail safe function.
  • Electrically controlled from both sides.
  • Exterior and interior lever handle is activated electrically via access control system, code lock or similar, and retracts latch bolt.
  • Reversible to fit both right and left hung doors.
  • Certified in fire resistance class E/EI 120 accordning to EN 14846: 2008.
  • Durability: Grade X per SS-EN 14846.
Technical data
  • Unique automatic latch bolt.
  • Microswitch unipolar changeover, max. 30 V DC, 1 A.
  • Multi voltage 12 – 24 V DC.
  • With STEP Preload technology.
  • Integrated and patented DirectDrive® function which proves a direct operation.
  • Integrated microswitch indicates closed and interlocked mode, as well as handle and cylinder operation.
  • Built- in protective diode.
  • Built-in re-entry function.
  • Designed for round and oval Scandinavian cylinders.
  • Mandrel depth, 50 mm.
  • Return spring handles are recommended.
  • Patent pending.
Article number E-nr Description
ST132 5868161 Solenoid handle lock STEP 132 and 20 cm adapter cable ST1320. With automatic latch bolt. Multi voltage 12 - 24 V DC.
ST132 KPL 5868162 Solenoid handle lock STEP 132 Complete set. Including ST132, STEP lead cover ST1283, 10 m connection cable ST1319 and 20 cm adapter cable ST1320.


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