Solenoid handle lock ST120

Powerful performance, high operational reliability

A durable solenoid handle lock in stainless steel with classic bolt placement and several flexible properties. CE-marked according to SS-EN 14846: 2008 in fire resistance class E/EI120.

The construction is designed with STEP’s high quality requirements, which ensures a powerful performance with high reliability.

The lock can be used in door environments with both fire and evacuation requirements and is adapted to be used in conjunction with electric strikes.

Classic bolt placement and split spindle function (ST120)

STEP 120 comes with classic bolt placement.

STEP 120 with ST120 has split spindle function which will allow any side of the lock to be mechanically controlled.

High flexibility with several selectable features

With several optional functions, such as door hanging, fail secure/fail safe function and the choice of mechanically connected side STEP 120 has a very high flexibility.

The lock is designed for simple installation with settings for the selectable functions easily accessible from the outside of the lock housing.

Integrated microswitches indicate closed and interlocked mode, as well as handle operation, for connection to access control systems.

STEP 120 is well suited for use together with electric strikes.


STEP 120 KPL is a complete set containing STEP 120 soleniod handle lock, a lead cover and 10 m connection cable.

STEP lead cover is made of stainless steel and fits both wooden, steel and aluminum doors. The spring has a wide inner diameter of 10.8 mm which facilitates the passage of the cable.

The set contains a 12 core, 10 m, halogen-free connection cable.

Emergency exit device adapted for STEP´s solenoid handle locks

STEP Exit is an emergency exit device in stainless steel adapted for single exit doors where you want to create a safe evacuation route with a simple one hand operation. Certified together with STEP 110 and STEP 120 according to SS-EN 179:2008.

Fire approved: E/EI120
Technical data STEP 120
  • Durability: Grade X per SS-EN 14846.
  • Tested and certified for fire resistance up to Class F (E / EI 120) in accordance with SS-EN 14846: 2008.
  • Microswitch unipolar changeover, max. 30 V DC, 1 A.
  • Integrated microswitch indicates closed and interlocked mode as well as handle operation.
  • A protective diode is built-in.
  • Reversible for right and left hung doors.
  • Convertible fail secure/fail safe function.
  • Convertible electrical/mechanically controlled side (applies to ST120 and ST120-12)
  • Electrically controlled from both sides (applies to ST122 and ST122-12)
  • Designed for round and oval Scandinavian cylinders.
  • Mandrel depth, 50 mm.
  • Return spring handles are recommended.
  • Halogen-free connection cable.
Article number E-nr Description
ST120 Solenoid handle lock STEP 120. Classic bolt placement, split function, 24 V DC.
ST120-12 Solenoid handle lock STEP 120. Classic bolt placement, split function, 12 V DC.
ST122 Solenoid handle lock STEP 120. Classic bolt placement, 24 V DC.
ST122-12 Solenoid handle lock STEP 120. Classic bolt placement, 12 V DC.
ST120 KPL STEP 120 complete set. Including ST120, STEP lead cover and 10 m connection cable.
ST120-12 KPL STEP 120 complete set. Including ST120-12, STEP lead cover and 10 m connection cable.
ST122 KPL STEP 120 complete set. Including ST122, STEP lead cover and 10 m connection cable.
ST122-12 KPL STEP 120 complete set. Including ST122-12, STEP lead cover and 10 m connection cable.
Power consumption STEP 120 in fail secure and fail safe function
  • 24 V DC + 15 % – 10 %. Max 60 mA.
  • 12 V DC + 15 % – 10 %. Max 120 mA.

Power consumption 0 mA at rest (fail secure – locked, fail safe – unlocked)

Wiring diagram for STEP 120
wiring-diagram-step 110


Dimensional drawing STEP 120


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