Electric strike STEP 92 Preload

– A fire resistant electric strike with Preload technology and tamper protection

Electric strike STEP 92 Preload has received upgraded performance at several points. The optimization of the product series provides the following performance.

  • 250 kg Preload technology for a reliable function.
  • 1 200 kg breaking strength
  • Improved weather protection
  • Factory tested to 1,500,000 cycles
  • Protection against tampering

STEP 92 Preload is an electric strike with two rotating cams designed for lever handle latch bolts and cylinder latch bolt in a double latch lock. With separate electrical locking on each latch bolt, there are more options for doors with door automation or pull handles.

CE-marked according to SS-EN 14846: 2008 in fire resistance class E/EI120.

Electric strike in fail safe function despite fire safety requirements and door automation

The upper and lower rotating cam can be separately set to the fail secure or fail safe function, which allows STEP 92 Preload to be adapted to many different door functions.

The door can be unlocked via fire alarms or even stand open during the day despite fire requirements E/EI 120 and opened with door automation. An evacuation door with door automation and fire requirements can thus now handle re-entry via fire alarms.

HPR-faktaruta webb EN

Optimized performance with HPR® technology

Electric strikes in the Preload series have since the launch in 2012 become the obvious choice and thus Sweden’s most popular electric strike. With experience from hundreds of thousands of products sold, StepLock has now taken the product series another big step forward with the new Preload HPR®. With its fine material selection and these optimizations, STEP 92 Preload has a performance in its own class.

Electric strikes is the product in electric locking that is used most due to its excellent properties in doors that are used frequently. In addition, all wiring can often be placed in a frame for easier installation.

An electric strike together with a mechanical lock is scalable so that you choose different combinations of electric strikes and mechanical locks to fulfill the functions and conditions of the door. The right mechanical lock and the right electric strike can fulfill everything from the simplest function to the most advanced requirements on the door, where the electric strike, the door lock and the door are made for exactly what it is supposed to handle. The right function with the highest operational reliability without paying for something you do not need.

Used in doors where door automation is to be combined with other requirements
  • Evacuation door, fits many evacuation locks in Scandinavian standard for EN 179 and EN 1125.
  • Door automation with door open at fire cell limit.
  • Door automation with evacuation and mechanical re-entry at the fire cell limit.
  • Door automation with evacuation and electrical re-entry at the fire cell limit.
  • Door at the fire cell limit can be unlocked via fire alarm for evacuation.
  • Unlocked door at the fire cell limit with door automation can be equipped with double latch lock and be prepared for electrical access control.

STEP 92 Preload monterad i dörrkarm

STEP’s patented Preload technology

A common problem is that a door is subjected to pressure, for example, because the door is a little skew or that gravel or snow has gathered at the doorstep. STEP 92 Preload is equipped with STEP’s patented Preload technology that allows the door to be unlocked even if subjected to pressures of up to 250 kg.

  • Seals and pressure differences– The Preload function enables the door to always be unlocked even when the door lock is tensioned against the electric strike.
  • Door automation– The Preload function combined with rapid unlocking means that the door opens quickly and without risk of becoming stuck.
  • Evacuation door– The Preload function ensures that a fire alarm can release the lock, despite pressure against the door by crowds, seals, pressure differences or warped doors.
  • Manipulation protection – The Preload function Resists influences in the form of manipulation and external violence.
Wide range of faceplates in stainless steel

STEP 92 Preload has a wide range of associated faceplates. You will find them i our Faceplate guide.

Functional description
  • Reversible to fit right- and left hung doors.
  • Adjustable function. The rotating cams are activated electrically via access control system, code lock or similar, and becomes locked or unlocked depending on the setting of the strike plate. By default, both rotating cams are in fail safe function.
  • With bolt contact in both rotating cams. The access control system detects, due to the bolt contacts whether the door is closed or open.
  • Durability: Grade X per EN 14846.
  • Corrosion: Grade M per EN 14846.
  • Security: Grade 3 per EN 14846.
  • Security electrical manipulation: Grade 1 per EN 14846.
  • Certified for fire resistance up to Class F (E/EI 120) according to SS-EN 14846: 2008.
Technical data
  • Microswitch unipolar changeover, max. 30 V DC, 1 A.
  • Built-in protective diode.
  • Break resistance 12 kN (≈ 1200 kg).
  • Ensures opening despite preload up to 2,5 kN (≈ 250 kg) in fail secure and fail safe function.
  • Anti-hammer secured.
Article number E-nr Description
ST925 Electric strike STEP 92 Preload. Adjustable function 24 V DC, including bolt contact.
ST925-12 Electric strike STEP 92 Preload. Adjustable function 12 V DC, including bolt contact.
Power consumption STEP 92 Preload, per rotating cam separately with fail secure and fail safe functions
  • 24 V DC: 85 mAh.
  • 12 V DC: 170 mAh.

Power consumption 0 mA for rotating cam at rest (fail secure = locked, fail safe = unlocked)

For the dimensioning of the power supply, see the installation manual.

Wiring diagram STEP 92 Preload with bolt contact
  • Connection: screw terminal blocks.
  • Indication bolt contact: open / closed door.

Dimensional drawing STEP 92 Preload


In our faceplate guide our entire range of faceplates is collected. Enter product category and use the filters to see which product is most suitable in your door environment.

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