STEP Exit emergency device

STEP Exit is an emergency exit device in stainless steel adapted for single exit doors where you want to create a safe evacuation route with a simple one hand operation. Certified together with STEP 110 and STEP 120 according to SS-EN 179:2008.

STEP Exit has a very light and nice operation that makes it easy to push down the handle. It also has a reduced construction which means that you can mount STEP Exit in doors with A/B dimensions down to 20 mm without having to use a distance plate.

Wide range of use

STEP Exit in combination with STEP 110 or STEP 120 solenoid handle lock, you can secure the evacuation requirements according to SS-EN 179. All exit from the inside can then be done with the same handle.

STEP Exit is delivered as a pair and is reversible to fit both right- and left-hung doors. Delivered together with two decals with a luminous effect, to be attached to the handle.


Two different types of surface finishes

STEP Exit is made of stainless steel. Choose from polished or brushed surface finish.


Fire approved

Technical information about STEP Exit

  • Category of use: Grade 3.
  • Durability: Grade 7.
  • Door mass: Grade 7.
  • Safety: Grade 1.
  • Corrosion resistance: Grade 4
  • Security: Grade 5 (5000 N).
  • Projection of operating element: Grade 2 (projection up to 100 mm)
  • Type of operation: Type A (lever handle).
  • Field of door application: Category A.
  • Fire approved.
  • Designed for round and oval Scandinavian cylinders.
Article number E-nr Description
ST17903 STEP Exit, emergency exit device. Polished stainless steel.
ST17904 STEP Exit, emergency exit device. Brushed stainless steel.


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