For hospital environments

When the fittings must be able to prevent unauthorized persons from enter, facilitate the care staff and maintain a high patient safety.

In a hospital environment, there are high demands on the door environment. Unauthorised persons must be prevented from entering, it must be easy for healthcare staff to come and go, and at the same time, high patient safety must be maintained. The equipment must be able to handle evacuation, re-entry, fire safety requirements, intrusion requirements and automatic control.

Problems are often encountered with traditional locks when combining these requirements. Problems occur each time someone uses the door’s emergency device without there being an emergency. The door will then be completely unlocked and must be reset manually each time.

Solution for doors with or without door automation

STEP’s solution can handle the above requirements. For doors with door automation, the solution is based on a combination of electric strike STEP 92 Preload and a double latch lock with a handle. The electric strike takes care of access, fire requirements, re-entry after evacuation and door automation, while the double latch lock handles exit and evacuation from the inside. For doors without door automation, STEP 90 Preload is used instead.

STEP 90 and 92 Preload manage preload and can open despite a load of up to 150 kg.

A major advantage is that all doors are used in the same way

Being able to use the same function with both doors with and without door automation ensures that all premises doors can be used in the same way, which is an important aspect from the safety point of view.

The solution is intended for hospitals but works equally well in other types of door environments.

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