Why StepLock?


When it has to work.

StepLock is the market leader in electromechanical locking. Functionality and reliability are product features that can be vital in our industry and are something we never compromise on. We are proud that our products and our working methods are always permeated by our motto: When it has to work.

Our innovative products are assembled under the STEP brand. All are sturdy constructions with a high proportion of stainless steel, with high durability and corrosion protection. They can withstand a high opening frequency and are equipped with patented technology that increases both the operational safety of the door environment and the product’s service life.

Behind the products lies many years of experience and technical expertise, we know that our products are well equipped for the challenges that await them.

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A wide range of reference objects

No object is too big, too small, or too complex, we have a solution for all door environments.

The products are today installed all over Scandinavia and in a number of other countries. Our reference objects range from apartment buildings, schools and offices, to industries, hospitals and heavy security objects such as banks and prisons.

Our product range offers solutions that cover all types of needs and requirements:

  • Intrusion protection
  • Evacuation
  • Re-entry
  • Fire resistance
  • Accessibility
  • Reliability
  • High frequency use

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Made in Sweden

An important factor in our market-leading position is that we are constantly developing new innovative solutions that improve the functioning of the products and extend their lifespan.

By having construction and production gathered in the same building, we create an efficient product development where we can ensure high quality and reliability in every single product. The result is world-class Swedish-produced products.

All our products come with a 5-year warranty.

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You are always welcome to contact us

Since all products are developed by us at StepLock, we can offer support beyond the usual. With us you get quick service, whether it is technical support, finance, orders or other issues.

Need help with planning or outfitting? We help you with questions that cover everything from the properties and techniques of our products, to the applicable legal requirements and regulations regarding evacuation, security and fire requirements.

Contact us and we will find the right solution for you and your project together.

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