Haandbryggeriet, Norwegian Craft Beer

Located at the Port of Drammen you will find the brewery Haandbryggeriet. In the building called Skur 4, you will find production, offices and the brewery`s own pub.

About Haandbryggeriet
The brewery was founded in 2005 by four home brewers who wanted to make high quality beers. In 2016 two of the original founders retired, and the brewery is today owned by a constellation of the two remaining founders, some employees at the brewery and three other Norwegian craft breweries.
Haandbryggeriet currently has 10 employees all participating in developing new groundbreaking beers and recipes.
The brewery has a wide selection ranging from classic and traditional beers to new and innovative brews and hybrid beer styles. Sometimes brewed with local and Nordic ingredients such as cherries, sea buckthorn, raspberries, and lingonberries. Haandbryggeriet has since 2005 also made high quality sours and barrel aged beers such as porters and Christmas beers.

STEP part of the solution at Haandbryggeriet
StepLock is the market leader in electromechanical locking for doors. Functionality and reliability are product features that can be vital in our industry and are something we never compromise on. We are proud that our products and our working methods are always permeated by our motto: When it has to work.

STEP 40 Preload – high quality and patented Preload technology with minimal dimensions

The Preload series combine minimal dimensions with very high performance for doors with normal security requirements. The electric strike is highly reliable and tested for high opening frequency.

• Location: Drammen, Norway
• Project type: Industry, pub


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