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Electric strikes

STEP electric strikes are divided into four series. Each serie contains products with unique properties adapted for various functions and situations.

STEP Preload

Electric strikes that combines minimal dimensions with high quality, suitable for doors with normal safety requirements.

STEP Release

Electric strikes specially designed for doors requiring fire protection in combination with evacuation terminals or emergency opening buttons.

STEP Silent

A sturdy construction and patented Silent technology gives a soft, almost silent operation and high resistance to burglary attempts.

STEP Secure

High security hook bolt electric strikes suitable for security doors or doors with evacuation requirements for withstanding opening often and quickly.

Preload series
Release series
Silent series
Secure series

Solenoid handle locks

STEP solenoid handle locks are assembled under the STEP 100 series.

The products in the STEP 100 series are adapted for day locking and are designed with STEP’s high quality requirements and material selection, ensuring powerful performance with high operational reliability.

Surface mounted electric lock

STEP's surface mounted electric lock can quickly be attached directly to the door frame.

Minimal measurements and stainless steel provides a reliable and stylish design. Equipped with our unique Preload-technology.

Automatic flushbolts

STEP Automatic flushbolts are developed to unlock the passive door even if the flushbolt is pressed against the doorframe from an underpressure in the building or from the door header gasket.

At the same way the flushbolt is designed to unlock the passive door even if the door is pressed by high force during a panic situation.

Electric cabinet locks

STEP electric cabinet locks are manufactured in stainless steel and is available in two series to fit different type of cabinets and boxes.

Typical areas of use is cabinets or medicine boxes that demands a higher security than other cabinet locks.

Break protection

STEP break protection increases safety in the door environment and makes it difficult for a thief to break in between the door and the door frame.

Our break protection is available in two sizes and is made of stainless steel.

Electric locks for overhead doors

STEP's electromechanical lock for overhead doors is specially designed to withstand tough environments like garage and
industrial premises.

It´s high quality and special design makes it possible for the door to open, even though the door is subjected to pressure, for example by rubber seal, grovel or snow.