Motor locks in 300-series

Powerful motor locks certified in Class 2A, 2B and 3 according to SSF 3522.

Motor locks in 300-series in class 3 according to SSF 3522

Powerful motor locks certified in class 3 according to SSF 3522. The motor locks are opened via the cylinder follower, meaning you can unlock both the hook bolt and the latch bolt with a key from the exterior side or via thumb turn/emergency exit device on the interior side. This motor lock can therefore with advantage be placed in an alarmed evacuation door.

Which type of lock should I choose?

Our products can satisfy all kinds of stipulations and requirements: fire safety requirements, intrusion protection requirements, accessibility requirements and requirements regarding evacuation and re-entry. In many cases, they are also expected to be used thousands of times, every day.

No object is too big, too small, or too complex. We have a solution for all door environments.

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