Motor lock STEP 350S

– increases intrusion security around the clock, in high-frequency door environments

STEP 350S is a motor lock developed with world-leading Swedish technology. It increases the intrusion security in perimeter locking and creates a secure locking around the clock, without you having to compromise with other requirements or the ease of use. The lock is adapted for high-frequency door environments and can handle several million openings! Certified in class 2A, 2B according to SSF 3522.


New series of revolutionary motor locks for safer doors around the clock

STEP 350S is part of the STEP 300 motor lock series. This motor lock is developed to ensure secure locking around the clock.

The lock is developed for high-frequency use and can handle several million openings, just as fast as an electric strike. In this way, it provides a unique opportunity to get higher security where it is needed, and thus get the right locking on vulnerable and important doors.

Combines several requirements

The lock can combine requirements for evacuation, re-entry and fire resistance, while at the same time giving the door environment a significantly higher intrusion security. STEP 350S is equipped with a solid hook bolt that really ensures that the door is locked, while a built-in split function ensures an unbeatable ease of use.

  • Certified for intrusion protection acc. SSF 3522 Class 2A, 2B.
  • Certified for evacuation acc. EN 179:2008.
  • Certified in fire technical class E/EI120 acc. EN 14846:2008.

High ease of use with built-in split function

STEP 350S has a built-in split function that enables mechanical opening from the interior side, without the need of pushing an opening button. The lock has a by-pass function so that “Approved passage” can be obtained. This gives the door environment an unbeatable ease of use.

At the same time, the split function ensures that evacuation cannot be blocked by the lever handle on the exterior side.

Manipulation protected block function

The lock has a double blocking, where the blocking of the hook bolt also is blocked by a latch. The latch position is read by an optical sensor so you can trust that it is really locked. The latch is completely protected from access and thus ensures protection against manipulation.

FreeDrive® minimizes wear during mechanical use

The FreeDrive® technology enables the locks motor and gearbox to disengages every time the door unlocks mechanically. This means that the wear minimizes when using lever handle, knob, keys or emergency exit device. Locks with FreeDrive® used together with STEP Exit on doors with emergency exits can therefore be used thousands of times every day.


Control units with smart features

Choose from two different control units:


  • ST300C uses encrypted communication OSDP AES-128 for locking, unlocking and status indications.
  • Handles one motor lock for connection to access system, alarm and central function.
  • Handles re-entry.



  • ST500C uses encrypted communication OSDP AES-128 for locking, unlocking and status indications.
  • Handles up to two motor locks for connection to access system, alarm and central function. These can be controlled individually or synchronized for connection to access control systems, alarms and essential function.
  • Handles re-entry.


Read more about STEP control units

Table of the control unit’s various functions

Click on the table to see it in a larger format.

Creates a safer environment

Many door environments are today equipped with latch locks that can handle evacuation, re-entry, fire and accessibility requirements, but at the price of low intrusion safety. It is about exterior and interior perimeter protection doors in thousands of apartment buildings, hospitals, treatment centers and correctional facilities to name a few.

With the STEP 350S motor lock, you don’t have to compromise on intrusion security. Instead, you can ensure a combination of all the requirements above in one and the same lock, and also place it in a door environment that is used with high frequency.

Examples of door environments suitable for STEP 350S

•  Outer and inner perimeter locking in private and public sector – secure staff and not just property. Keep security high around the clock.

•  Perimeter locking and ward doors in healthcare / hospitals – safer for patients and healthcare staff.

•  Entrance doors and doors to public areas in apartment buildings – safer and more pleasant environment for residents and visitors.


For door environments with evacuation requirements

STEP 350S is adapted for door environments with evacuation requirements according to EN 179:2008.

Combine with STEP Exit emergency exit devices to create a secure evacuation route with unparalleled ease of use and also maximize the benefits of the FreeDrive® technology.


Go to STEP Exit for STEP 350S

Fire approved: E/EI120
Certified according to: EN 179:2008
Functional description
  • The hook bolt locks/unlocks electrically via opening signal from access control system, code lock, push button or similar.
  • The hook bolt and latch bolt retracts mechanically via the lever handle follower from the interior side (split function).
  • The latch bolt retracts mechanically via the lever handle, from the exterior side.
  • Approved passage occurs with the levere handle from the interior side.
  • The latch bolt is reversible to fit both right and left hung doors.
  • Reversible mechanical split-spindle side. Changing sides is easily done mechanically on the lock housing.
  • Certified in Class 2A, 2B according to SSF 3522.
  • Certified for evacuation according to EN 179:2008.
  • Certified in fire technical class E/EI120 according EN 14846:2008.
  • Certified in Grade L for corrosion, temperatures and humidity, which corresponds to high requirements according to EN 14846.
Product characteristics
  • Unlocks in less than 0.1 second.
  • Modern bolt placement.
  • FreeDrive® technology.
  • Manipulation-protected block function.
  • Back set 50 mm.
  • Encrypted communication OSDP AES-128.
  • Both control units can handle re-entry.
  • Evacuation and re-entry are ensured with STEP Exit emergency exit devices.
  • Built in split-spindle
  • Designed to be used in high frequency doors.
Status indicators for
  • Bolt locked
  • Bolt open
  • Lock alarm
  • Door open/closed
  • Exit alarm
  • Programmable AUX outputs. Choose from the following:
    • Vital open (door open)
    • Vital closed (door closed and locked)
    • Service
    • Tamper
    • Exit alarm
    • Door alarm
    • Timer failed
    • Timer unlocked
    • Timer locked
    • Door auto (activation of door automation after unlocking)
    • By-pass function for “Approved passage” on lever handle on the interior side.
  • The control unit can handle temperatures from -5 to +70 degrees.
  • The lock can withstand temperatures from -20 to +70 degrees.
Article number E-nr Description
ST350S 5868469 STEP 350S Motor lock. Incl. ST350S, 10 m connection cable ST0916H, STEP square spindle ST1088-50, STEP square spindle ST1088-57, drill protection ST1199, magnetic contact ST0910, screw and connector set ST1192.
Article number E-nr Description
ST300C 5868472 STEP Control unit ST300C. For STEP Motor lock.
ST500C 5867806 STEP Control unit ST500C. For STEP Motor lock.
Power consumption STEP 350S
  • Voltage: 10-30 V AC/DC.
  • Power consumption 1 lock: 69 mA at rest,
    when unlocking/locking 170 mA.
  • Power consumption 2 locks: 86,6 mA at rest,
    when unlocking/locking 385 mA.
Dimensional drawing STEP 350S


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