Electric strike STEP 29 Silent

– Sturdy electric strike for protruding latch bolts

STEP 29 Silent is a sturdy electric strike that can accept protruding latch bolts of up to a full 20 mm. It provides a high-security locking with the possibility to open and lock the door electrically, manually or with door automatic. Patented STEP Silent technology gives the door a smooth and almost silent operation.

Approved in fire resistance class E/EI60.

Sturdy construktion and patented STEP Silent technology

STEP 29 Silent has unique opening and closing properties that enable a wide range of application areas. The patented Silent technology provides the door a soft and quiet operation which makes STEP 29 Silent a perfect choise for frequently used doors or where reduced noise is desirable, such as in apartment buildings, offices, schools and hospitals.

With STEP 29 Silent you also get high resistance to burglary attempts through high break resistance and electrically operated anti-hammer protection that makes it impossible to manipulate the locking function.

The Preload technology increases the operational reliability and allows the door to open even if exposed to high pressure.

Increase the accessibility with door automation

STEP 29 Silent can advantageously be used in combination with door automation. Unlocking takes place at a distinct speed when the open signal is given to the door automatics.


STEP 29 Silent has a selection of stainless steel faceplates to choose from.

Elslutbleck STEP 29 Silent

Functional description
  • The rotating cam is electrically activated via access control system, code lock or similar, and becomes unlocked, (fail secure function).
  • The access control system detects, due to the bolt contact whether the door is closed or open.
  • The access control system detects, due to the barrier contact whether the electrik strike is locked or unlocked.
  • Choose between 24 V and 12 V.
  • Corrosion: Grade M per EN 14846.
  • Security: Grade 7 per EN 14846.
  • Security electrical manipulation: Grade 3 (fail secure) per EN 14846.
  • Approved fire resistance class E/EI 60.
Technical data
  • Microswitch unipolar changeover, max. 30 V DC, 1 A.
  • Built-in detection indication that the door is closed/open (bolt contact) and locked/unlocked (barrier contact) for connection to access control systems, alarm system, etc.
  • Break resistance 12 kN (≈ 1 200 kg).
  • Ensures opening despite preload up to 5 kN (≈ 500 kg).
  • Anti-hammer secured.
  • Built-in protective diode.
  • Rotating cam in hardened steel, lock cases and faceplate in stainless steel.
  • Including 5 m halogen-free connection cable.
Article number E-nr Description
ST2901 Electric strike STEP 29 Silent. Fail secure function 24 V DC, incl. bolt contact, barrier contact and 5 m connection cable.
ST2901-12 Electric strike STEP 29 Silent. Fail secure function 12 V DC, incl. bolt contact, barrier contact and 5 m connection cable.
Power consumption STEP 29 Silent with fail secure function
  • 24 V DC. 313 mA unlocked.
  • 12 V DC. 639 mA unlocked.

Power consumption 0 mA for rotating cam at rest (fail secure = locked)

Wiring diagram STEP 29 Silent

Dimensional drawing STEP 29 Silent


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