Electric lock STEP 50

Powerful electric lock for industrial doors

STEP 50 is a high quality electric lock for industrial doors. The electrically locked doors are conveniently and securely controlled via, for example, an access control system.

High operational reliability

The lock is specially designed to withstand harsh environments such as garages and industrial premises.


STEP 50 uses no power upon the locking, and only opens with power that can be disconnected immediately once the door leaves its closed position. The door status locked/unlocked and open/closed is detected by two microswitches. If the lock is connected to an alarm system, the alarm will be activated if the gate door is forced to open.

Resists forces of 1000 kg.

Technical data STEP 50
  • Microswitch unipolar changeover, max. 30 V DC, 1 A.
  • Built-in detection indication that the door is closed/open (bolt contact) and locked/unlocked (barrier contact) for connection to access control systems, alarm system, etc.
  • Break resistance 10 kN (≈ 1000 kg).
  • Built-in protective diode.
  • Material: Lock case in stainless steel, lock latch in hardened steel.
  • Including 5 m halogen-free connection cable
Article number E-nr Description
ST527 Electrick lock for overhead sliding doors STEP 50. 24 V DC. Including 5 m connection cable.
ST527-12 Electrick lock for overhead sliding doors STEP 50. 12 V DC. Including 5 m connection cable.
Power consumption STEP 50 with fail secure function
  • 24 V DC + 15 % – 10 %. 313 mA unlocked.
Wiring diagram STEP 50

Dimensional drawing STEP 50


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