Automatic flush bolt STEP 21

– Automatic flushbolt for wooden or steel doors

STEP 21 is an automatic flush bolt for double doors where two door leaves are closed against each other. Equipped with STEP’s unique Preload technology that allows the door to open even if subjected to high pressure.

Automatic flush bolts are used on double doors that automatically lock when the two door leaves are closed against each other. The door leaf that closes first is called the passive door and the other is called the active door leaf.

STEP 21 Automatisk kantregel



The automatic flush bolts are usually mounted on the upper and lower part of the passive door leaf, where you want the passive door leaf to lock automatically when the active door leaf is closed. The active door leaf is then automatically locked with a regular lock on the passive door leaf.

In the same way, automatic flush bolts are designed to automatically unlock the passive door leaf each time the active door leaf is opened.

STEP 21 is designed for wooden or steel doors.

STEP’s unique Preload technology

A common problem is that a door is subjected to pressure, for example, because the door is a little skew or that gravel or snow has gathered at the doorstep. STEP 21 is equipped with STEP’s unique Preload technology that allows the door to unlock even if subjected to pressure.

  • Seals and pressure differences – The Preload function enables the door to always be unlocked.
  • Door automation – The Preload function combined with rapid unlocking means that the door opens quickly and without risk of becoming stuck.
  • Evacuation door – The Preload function ensures that the passive door leaf can open, despite pressure against the door by crowds, seals, pressure differences or warped doors.
Technical data STEP 21
  • Steel material for fire classified doors
  • Deadbolt 16 mm
  • The deadbolt’s lock is 16 mm
  • The deadbolt is adjustable +25 mm
  • Guaranteed to open even with preload (not STEP 21DH or STEP 21DV)
Article number E-nr Description
STEP 21 Automatic flushbolt STEP 21. Adapted for wooden or steel doors.
Dimensional drawing STEP 21


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